About JMC Industriteknik AB

We help you as a customer to ensure that your production is efficient and accessible. We solve everything from service and maintenance to streamlining production processes. This means that as a customer you can focus on your core business. Our business is based on the fact that we establish long-term cooperation with you as a customer, where in a planned and structured way we work with preventative maintenance to avoid production disruptions.

In the event of acute production disorders, we have a round-the-clock and year-round alert that, at short notice, solves problems that have arisen.

Our staff is competent and has many years of experience, which means that we quickly solve any problems that arise on site.

JMC’s focus is on service, maintenance, repair and efficiency. We are the leading and most complete partner of manufacturing companies in the Swedish plastic industry. Our customers appreciate our service, efficiency and knowledge. Thus, we have also gained the confidence to develop and deliver complete automation solutions. JMC has also developed and built its own cost-effective peripheral products that we combine with being a reseller of a number of strong brands. This means that we are a complete supplier for manufacturing industry and help our customers with total solutions – everything from emergency service to developing and delivering efficient and robust production systems.

JMC Industrial Engineering was started 5 years ago by Mårten Albinsson. Mårten worked in a traditional service organization and learned the profession from scratch. During these years, Mårten saw a variety of opportunities for development, improvement and efficiency. However, he did not listen to his thoughts and ideas with his then employer and decided to test his concept fully on his own. Mårten invested all his money and bought a used Volvo, a toolbox and started helping his customers with service and maintenance. Slowly but surely, more and more people appreciated Mårten’s service, approach and knowledge, which resulted in JMC growing and more and more employees being employed. Today, JMC Industriteknik is a leader in its segment in Sweden with a large number of skilled and experienced employees and many satisfied customers around Sweden.

The CEO of JMC Industriteknik is Jens Karlsson. Under his leadership, JMC Industriteknik continues to grow and develop. If you need a competent partner in service, maintenance, automation or need to invest in new machines, robots or other systems, call Jens. He always has a solution to your particular needs.